Geophysical Logging Winches

Geosensor can offer various winch types to suit the logging requirements of the customer. Our team will discuss your needs and offer suitable solutions. Our range includes winches from Mount Sopris, Geovista, Century and Auslog. From small portable solutions to larger 3000m depth capability.

Mount Sopris is well-known for its rugged logging winches, featuring proven designs and heavy duty components to ensure reliable performance in the most demanding environments. To accommodate your depth and portability requirements, we offer a variety of winch models with cable, cable head, and voltage options.

Mount Sopris winches are logging hoists capable of positioning geophysical probes or other tools in a borehole. Each winch system is equipped with a slip-ring and connections through which surface instrumentation can communicate with the probes. A precision measuring wheel and rotary encoder are also included to allow the amount of cable played out to be accurately tracked.



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