Borehole Data Services

By Geosensor Data Services

Our services can include the following and more. Please contact us to discuss your borehole data requirements.

Example Logs

Data Presentation

  • WellCAD layout templates
  • WellCAD Header / Footer design
  • WellCAD pick classification and geological symbol dictionaries

Data QA/QC

  • Log data calibration - based on field data, calibration pits
  • Log data quality monitoring during your project
  • Log data quality report generation

Import / Export Services

  • Import / export of LAS, ASCII, EXCEL and other data formats
  • Custom data format conversions
  • Log digitization of paper logs or lithology descriptions
  • Core photo loading

Data Integration

  • Complete data loading and composite plot generation in WellCAD

Workflow Design, Automation and Scripting

  • Data processing workflow design
  • Automation script design for WellCAD
  • Custom algorithms
  • Report generation

Data Processing (Pre Interpretation)

  • Structure Picking
  • Cased hole services
  • Full Waveform Sonic - Semblance