Unique flexibility for seismic experts!

  • Optimised for high-resolution 2D / 3D surveys through its flexibility
  • Fast and easy setup due to its unique snap-on technology
  • Power and data transmission via lightweight two-wire cable
  • Extremely small and robust casing

The new SUMMIT X One is the world’s most flexible cable bound seismic data acquisition system. With ultra-small remote units connecting to a lightweight telemetry cable at any position, all station distances can be realised with the same cable. This new SUMMIT ‘snap-on’ technology provides the best solution for high resolution 2D and 3D seismic measurements in any terrain with flexible station distances.

The new data telemetry of the SUMMIT X One provides fast and reliable data transfer for immediate full QC of acquired seismic data and also supports continuous data streaming for passive seismic applications.