The Intrinsically Safe Seismic System!

  • Optimised for seismic surveys in mines through its ATEX certification

  • Fast and easy setup with unique snap-on technology

  • Extremely robust but lightweight casing


SUMMIT II Ex is the only intrinsically safe seismic exploration system worldwide. It is specialised for use in potentially explosive underground environments like for instance in coal mines. The system is based on the SUMMIT II Plus Technology and allows flexible layout configuration for any underground application like in-seam seismics, underground tomography and borehole applications.



Manufactured by Geotomographie GmbH

Technical Details

Generated wave types: SV
Signal frequencies: Up to 500 Hz (depending on geology and borehole distance)
Operational depth: Up to 100 m
Source length: 1015 mm
Source weight: 6 kg
Cable weight per metre: 377 g
Borehole diameter: 75-100 mm (or larger if spacers are used)
Clamping system: Infatable bladder
Depth indicator: Cable marking every 2 m
Connector: To impulse generator IPG800 or IPG5000
Storage: On drum
Switch box: Switch between two vertical shot directions

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