The SCOUT offers the unique combination of high performance, ruggedness and ease of use appreciated by logging operators worldwide. It supports all tools implementing ALT protocol including MSI/ALT tools with QL Telemetry and optimized for use with the 2nd generation acoustic and optical televiewers – collecting data at baud rates up to 500,000 bps.


  • USB interface, runs on any PC compatible notebook.
  • Windows operating system platform.
  • Wireline and winch flexibility-runs on coax, mono-or
    multi-conductor wireline.
  • High speed up hole telemetry system and automatic
    telemetry tuning.
  • Improved telemetry performance on long single and multi-conductor wirelines when used in conjunction with the latest generation of ALT/MSI tools. New Equalizer and Train processes.
  • Totally software controlled using Logger Suite software. Real Time Data display and printing.
  • Very easy to use, with graphical user interface, self-diagnostic features, configurable through files, minimal user input required.
  • Shaft encoder flexibility – compatible with any 12V or 5V shaft encoder.
  • Robust heavy duty system, fault tolerant.
  • Preferred solution for customer looking for light weight high performance equipment.


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