Optical Televiewer


The QL40 OBI-2G is the new generation of slim hole Optical Borehole Imagers. The new system comprises a completely redesigned optical assembly with new electronics. It implements a high resolution CMOS digital image sensor combined with a fisheye lens.

The tool produces an extraordinarily clear, sharp, 360° continuous – unwrapped digital picture of the borehole wall, either in air or clear water. Resolutions up to 1800 pixels over the borehole circumference can be achieved which makes it ideal for lithological, mineralogical and structural analyses. A built in high precision orientation package incorporating a 3-axis fluxgate magnetometer and 3 accelerometers allows orientation of the images to a global reference and determination of the borehole’s azimuth and inclination.

The new QL40OBI-2G is fully digital and can operate on standard wirelines. It can be either combined with other logging tools of the QL (Quick Link) product line to build tool strings or operated as a standalone tool.


1/3” high sensitivity CMOS digital image sensor

Temperature – Pressure

0-70°C (32-158°F)
200 bar (2900 psi)

Borehole diameter

0.05-0.53 m (2”-21”) depending on borehole conditions

Diameter – Length

40 mm (1.6”) – 1.47 m (57,9”)


5,3 kg (11,7 lbs)


360° RGB true color oriented image

Borehole azimuth and tilt

Relative bearing

3 accelerometer calibrated components

3 magnetometer calibrated components

Temperature of CMOS image sensor


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