PGIS spectrometers


Pico Envirotec Inc offers portable and mobile instruments based on PGIS systems for ground surveys.

The PGIS spectrometers are based on advanced microprocessor and mobile wireless technologies, which are equipped with high sensitivity built-in GPS sensor and has an ability to connect external GPS sensor.

The wireless technologies and android based data acquisition system allow the detector unit to be as far as 15 meters away from operator with data logger. The data logger can be set on various portable devices such as smart-phones, tablets, or laptops. Real time 1 second spectra and additional calculated information is acquired in continues mode, which allows the PGIS instruments to be used in walking or driving mode.

Depending on the survey scope the best fitting instrument can be used.

  • PGIS-2 equipped with 0.347L NaI(Tl) scintillation crystal is relatively light and very convenient for walking survey. The detector module can be carried in hand or placed on the back-pack mount plate.
  • PGIS-2-1 equipped with 1L NaI(Tl) detector or PGIS-2-2 equipped with 2L NaI(Tl) detector can be used for walking survey or installed on a vehicle such as quad-bike, cart, or a car.
  • PGIS-2-4 equipped with 4L NaI(Tl) detector is aimed for motorized mobile surveys. This high sensitivity system can be easily set in a car or pick-up track.



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