Magnetic Variations Base station


This base station magnetometer system can support up to two cesium magnetometer sensors simultaneously.

The system is based on the NUVIA Dynamics designed magnetometer board and is equipped with a Cesium magnetometer sensor, a non-magnetic tripod mount and a data logger unit.

The PBM is a compact Magnetic Variations Base station based on the state-of-the-art mobile technologies. The system comprises an intelligent high sensitivity and high resolution magnetometer board, a non-magnetic tripod mount, a data logger unit, and can be equipped with up to two Cesium magnetometer sensors.

The newly developed data acquisitions/interface system allows the user to control the acquisition of Magnetic data in a real time mode. The acquired data is automatically synchronized with GPS time and position.

The main advantage of the PBM measuring system is its compact size, robustness and simplicity of use.



  • Resolution better than 1pT
  • Dynamic range: 15,000 – 100,000 nT
  • Sampling rates: from 1 to 50Hz
  • GPS time and coordinates synchronization



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