INO sea-floor gravity meter


The INO sea-floor gravity meter uses the well proven CG-5 Autograv™ fused quartz sensor with electrostatic nulling which is incorporated into a submersible system. The INO uses an advanced electronics system with user-friendly software to provide microGal repeatability on the sea-floor. The INO is designed for a depth of 600 m (1970 ft) with an Aluminum pressure sphere.

Applications include:

Oil & Gas Exploration
Gravity can be used to determine the location of a Salt dome in which oil or gas could be present. Measuring the density change in an oil reservoir can assist in the oil and gas recovery process.

Mineral Exploration
Gravity can detect Sea-floor Massive Sulphides.

Geological Mapping
Gravity can be used to complement the results of geological mapping of the sea-floor.

Gravity can be used to determine mass of investigation.



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