Borehole Gravity Logging Services


Density information obtained from borehole gravity measurements are both highly accurate and not affected by borehole conditions or casing which can render other density tools either useless or prone to significant error.

Borehole gravity surveying has entered a new era of reliability, efficiency, and capability. With the introduction of the Gravilog gravity meter to the Mining and Geotechnical Industries, measurements can now be taken in holes as small as NQ drill rod (57.2mm) down to depths of 3000 meters and deviations off vertical to 60 degrees.

Bulk density determination Determination of massive sulphide deposits or other types of metallic or non-metallic deposits Verification of surface and airborne gravity anomalies Determination of mass associated with conductors Detection of cavities and voids Deposit evaluation Rock properties Improved and quantitative grade control Monitoring of dams and tailings ponds integrity.


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