FG5-X absolute gravimeter


Micro-g LaCoste is proud to announce the new state of the art in absolute gravity measurements! The FG5-X is a “follow on” instrument to the “absolute standard” that is the FG5 freefall gravimeter. The FG5-X features an improved dropping chamber and an improved electronic interface.


The new FG5-X dropping chamber has the following features and improvements:

  • Extended freefall length – 33cm, 260ms – in the same original FG5 droppping chamber height (65% longer in distance, 30% longer in time than a standard FG5).
  • Redesigned drive system.
    • Counterweighted elevator to reduce mechanical recoil and air gap modulation.
    • Improved microprocessor servo controller. Eliminates field tuning
    • Increased motor power for better tracking.
    • Inline drive system to reduce horizontal accelerations (Coriolis) of test mass
  • New test mass design reduces decelerations caused by external magnetic fields


The new System Interface Module (SIMx) provides smaller, lighter, and more robust electronic control:

  • Reduces size of total electronics by two full rack units
  • Includes Dropper Controller
  • Includes Superspring Controller
  • Includes System A/D interface (eliminates need for National Instruments A/D card)
  • Optional automatic system leveling control
  • Includes integrated, GPS-based rubidium timing system
  • USB integration for communication with new g-software
    • Provides user feedback if spring is out of range, dropper not in DROP MODE, and remote operation of FG5-X via internet connection.
    • Improved microprocessor servo controller. Eliminates field tuning

Upgrade path available for users of original FG5 absolute gravity meters.



Manufactured by Geotomographie GmbH

Technical Details

Generated wave types: SV
Signal frequencies: Up to 500 Hz (depending on geology and borehole distance)
Operational depth: Up to 100 m
Source length: 1015 mm
Source weight: 6 kg
Cable weight per metre: 377 g
Borehole diameter: 75-100 mm (or larger if spacers are used)
Clamping system: Infatable bladder
Depth indicator: Cable marking every 2 m
Connector: To impulse generator IPG800 or IPG5000
Storage: On drum
Switch box: Switch between two vertical shot directions

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