The Deviation Probe DevProbe1 is used to measure the borehole deviation. A three-axis magnetometer measures the azimuthal direction of the borehole and a dual tilt sensor provides information about the inclination. The probe is sealed and temperature compensated. Borehole deviation is required to determine the precise XYZ location of a seismic source or geophone inside a borehole. A software is provided to visualize and store the deviation data.

Technical Details

Operational depth: Up to 150 m
Probe length: 1235 mm
Probe diameter: 40 mm
Probe weight: 3.45 kg
Cable weight per metre: 62 g
Cable strength: 1700 N
Borehole diameter: 50 mm
Azimuth range: 0 – 360°
Azimuth resolution: 12 bit (<0.5°)
Tilt range: 0 – 70° (linear corrected)
Tilt resolution: 12 bit (<0.2°)
Temperature range: -30 to -85°C
Depth indicator: Cable marker every 1 m
Storage: On drum

Manufactured by Geotomographie GmbH

Technical Details

Generated wave types: SV
Signal frequencies: Up to 500 Hz (depending on geology and borehole distance)
Operational depth: Up to 100 m
Source length: 1015 mm
Source weight: 6 kg
Cable weight per metre: 377 g
Borehole diameter: 75-100 mm (or larger if spacers are used)
Clamping system: Infatable bladder
Depth indicator: Cable marking every 2 m
Connector: To impulse generator IPG800 or IPG5000
Storage: On drum
Switch box: Switch between two vertical shot directions

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