Gamma Surveyor is a group of multi-channel gamma-ray spectrometers designed for measurements of natural and artificial radioisotopes in ground, boreholes and laboratories.

This group of instruments covers a wide range of devices using various probes and types of detectors:

  • portable gamma-ray spectrometer for surface and borehole measurements
  • handheld gamma-ray spectrometer
  • compact version of the handheld gamma-ray spectrometer
  • accurate handheld radiameter
  • carborne spectrometer with high volume detector
  • laboratory spectrometer with special detectors and features

Gamma Surveyor offers three basic measuring modes:

  • Spectra & Assay – spectral measurements with determination of K, eU, eTh concentrations
  • Dose rate – precise radiometric measurements
  • Search – quick and selective search for gamma-ray sources (0.5 s response time)

The measuring system supports point, profile and continuous measurements as well as the use of external GPS data.