Image Module


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Data import

Borehole image data from a variety of tools including acoustic televiewer, optical televiewer, corescanned images, FMI, FMS, CAST, CBIL, UBI, STAR and Sondex MIT are supported.

Data processing

Before any form of analysis is performed, the data needs to be processed. This involves the
creation of a reliable high quality image from raw tool measurements.

A number of processing options are available for enhancing the quality of the data.

These include :

  • Bad trace interpolation
  • Image normalisation
  • Despiking filters
  • Centralise image
  • Adjust brightness and contrast (for RGB logs) Data

Data presentation

Data can be displayed as an image (user definable image color palette), as curves (shifted or stacked curves) or as 3D cylinder display (virtual core). Data can be visualised as 3D images using 3D borehole view (ideal to visualise breakouts, well deformation, pipe corrosion). Data can be oriented to North or Highside, or rotated by a user defined input (magnetic North to true North correction).

Data interpretation

Any number of planar features can be interactively picked recording azimuth, dip values and aperture. Each pick can be qualified into user definable categories (ToadCAD). Picks can be displayed as sinusoid, tadpole or stick plot. Picking of linear features (e.g. breakouts, tensile fractures) is also possible.

Fully interactive structure interpretation including dips workspace with polar, rose and vector plots. The module includes specific processes such as, caliper calculation from traveltime images, extraction of curves indicating rock strength, reflectivity from images.

Corrosion evaluation

Mapping distribution, configuration, orientation and severity of corrosion through the entire borehole. (Thorough or detailed analysis). WellCAD 3D data virtual borehole reality can help to identify internal deposits, localize pipe deformity or pipe buckling. The software includes specific processes such as metal loss calculation for multi-arm calliper.