Basic – Main Application V5.4


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Borehole data processing software

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  • Handles the entire borehole data loading, log editing, analysis and presentation workflow within a single application.
  • 30+ supported file formats and interactive data input capabilities.
  • Fully graphical driven standard Windows software.
  • Serves geoscientists in Oil & Gas, Mining, Groundwater and Geotech industries likewise.
  • Economically interesting modular architecture.

Data presentation

  • Display of curves, patterns (e.g. lithology), symbols (e.g. fossils), text, formation marker, hierarchical stratigraphic columns, image data (e.g. FMI, ATV, OTV), photographs, operational symbols (e.g. DSTs, RFTs, Mud Data, Survey Data, etc.), …
  • An unlimited number of data containers, of which 27 different types exist to host single point (continuous and discontinuous), interval or array data, can be freely positioned on the workspace and combined for complex WYSIWYG plot formatting.
  • Audit trail for each data container and processing step (i.e. Log History).
  • No restriction to number of tracks or number of curves to be plotted or superimposed.
  • Comprehensive sets of formatting styles are available for each data container type – pen type, pen thickness, pen colour, fonts, shading, curve style (e.g. point-to-point, step or bar) and many more.
  • Scale and appearance of vertical grids can be customized using individual classification schemes (e.g. Wenthworth scale, Phi scale).
  • Depth may be referenced to MD, TVD, TVDSS or any other depth (or date & time) system due to capabilities of non linear depth matching. Support of depth and elevation display.
  • Libraries of customisable and scaleable patterns and symbols (e.g. lithology, physical structure, fossils, pore types, …) are provided. The freely distributed LithCAD application allows design and import of new patterns and symbols.

Data management

  • Data Formats – Import (LIS, DLIS, LAS, ASCII, EXCEL, WITSML, JPEG, AGS,...)
  • Data Formats – Export (LIS, LAS, ASCII, CGM, JPEG, EXCEL,...)

Multiple depth management

WellCAD provides a multiple depth management system (date/time, depth, TVD,...). The depth matching tool allows you to fine tune your data (e.g calibrate core description data to the wireline logs). All correlations will be saved in a new depth log helping you to assess the match.

Data interpretation

  • Cross plotting workspace (up to 4 components, clustering, overlay and regression options).
  • Chart Log for cross plots, ternary diagrams and histograms as part of the report.
  • Workspace for dip data (rose, polar projection, walkout and woodcock diagrams).
  • Tracking and statistic bars for interactive determination of statistical information.
  • Interval and multi-log statistics.
  • Interactive input and editing of data (in spreadsheet editor and graphic layout).
  • Sophisticated annotation options including operational symbols for wellsite geologists.

Data processing

Common processes

  • Filter, resampling and data interpolation options.
  • Custom equation editor.
  • Zonation.
  • Computation of borehole deviation data (azimuth, tilt, northing, easting, TVD and more).
  • Borehole condition corrections.
  • Total & spectral gamma processing (window stripping and full spectrum analysis).
  • Borehole volume calculations.
  • Multi log statistics.

Annotations and operational symbols

Engineering data can be inserted either interactively on the document or using the built-in symbols editor. The data may be displayed in the document and/or in a spreadsheet section in the document header. The data are handled using specific display and settings (plugs, bit data, casing data, date marker, orientation data, production liner, drill stem test, RFT/MDT/pressure, conventional and sidewall cores, mud parameters, shows, user defined symbols)