Setting the Standards in Electrical Methods

SARIS is the latest innovation in resistivity technology. A truly unparalleled approach to providing the user with a cost effective, easy to use and infinitely useful instrument designed with the user in mind.

  • Combined Resistivity Transmitter and Receiver
  • Light weight and efficient
  • Hi-Power, 100 watts, 1 amp
  • 1-D Inversion in the field
  • Micro-processor controlled, internal flash memory, graphics display
  • Automatic current adjustment to minimize power consumption
  • Innovative automatic imaging system, no need to upload electrode arrays

The SARIS has been successfully used for many years as a mineral and oil & gas exploration tool. Resistivity is now routinely used for a wide variety of applications whether your application is groundwater, environmental, archaeology or resource exploration.

Hydrogeological applications, such as groundwater exploration, use the resistivity technique as the main exploration tool.

Migration of ground water pollution is easily monitored and measured using SARIS. Plumes of contaminant leaching out of a landfill site, for example, are of great concern.

Geotechnical, Engineering and Archaeological applications have also been addressed using the resistivity technique.

SARIS simply allows you to do this better.