QL43 Acoustic Televiewer

Slimhole, high temperature acoustic borehole televiewer

Technical specifications

Diameter 43mm (1”11/16)
Length 1.77 m (70”)
Weight 10kgs
Max temp
open hole 125°C (257°F)
cased hole 170°C (338°F)
Max pressure 800 bar (11600 PSI)

Field exchangeable acoustic head*

Acoustic sensor fixed transducer and rotating focusing mirror
Focusing Collimated acoustic beam
Frequency 1.2 MHz - 0.5 MHz
Caliper resolution 0.08mm (0,003”)
Deviation sensor
3 axis accelerometer (170°C)
APS544-3 axis magnetometer - 3 axis accelerometer (125°C)

Operating conditions

Cable type mono, multi-conductor, coax
Compatibility ALTIogger / Bbox
Digital data transmission
variable baudrate telemetry according to cable length/type
e.g : 7500 m (24600 ft) – 5/16’’ mono - 62 Kbps
1800 m (5900ft) – 1/8 ‘’ mono – 222 Kbps
Logging speed variable function of resolution, wireline and surface system
Centralisation required
Borehole fluid water, water based mud, brine, oil (oil based mud not applicable)