Casing Integrity Module


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The Casing Integrity Module opens the door to professional cased hole data interpretation and adds a workspace and processing options for multifinger caliper and ultrasonic televiewers to WellCAD.

  • Driller’s and detected joint based well sketch displays.
  • 2D cross section, vertical profile and 3D virtual well displays dynamically linked to source data.
  • Workflows to convert travel times into radius, diameter and thickness, estimation of fluid velocities.
  • Automatic pipe joint detection, interactive joint
  • Determination of up to 35 statistical parameters derived per pipe section or at each depth.
  • Custom pipe grading classification.
  • Integration of other cased hole and open data to allow data synthesis.
  • Comprehensive and customizable reporting capabilities.
  • Binary, ASCII data and graphic export (WCL, LIS, DLIS, LAS, CSV, XLS(X), JPG, PNG, TIF, …)
  • Free data viewer “WellCAD Reader”.
  • Raw log editing, linear and non-linear depth matching, splicing and merging.
  • Shift correction, dead sensor correction, despiking and centralization options.